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Twizzler Cable (6 ft)

Twizzler Cable (6 ft)

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What are Lightning and USB-C?

Lightning cables are used for older iPhones (up to iPhone 14) and some iPads. They're special Apple cables with a tiny, flat connector.

But if you have a newer iPhone, like the iPhone 15 or newer models, or the latest iPads, you'll need a USB-C cable. USB-C cables have a small, oval-shaped connector and are used for lots of different devices, not just Apple ones.

So, if you're buying a cable, check your device first! If it's an older iPhone or certain iPads, go for Lightning. For iPhone 15 and newer or the latest iPads, pick USB-C.

For most non-Apple devices, pick USB-C.

Introducing the Liquipel Twizzler 6ft charger cable, where whimsy meets functionality. This cable isn't just a charging solution; it's a delightful expression of your playful side, reminiscent of the classic licorice treat in both look and feel.

Drenched in 'yummy' colors, the Twizzler cable is a feast for the eyes, designed to bring a dash of joy to your daily charging routine. Available in a vibrant spectrum of five colors, this cable adds a fun twist to identifying your charger, ensuring it never gets mixed up with others.

Constructed to combine durability with delight, the Twizzler cable is far more than its enticing appearance. It's built to outlast standard cables, featuring tangle-resistant technology that ensures a hassle-free experience, every time you plug in.

The expansive 6-foot length gives you the freedom to charge from anywhere, be it a cozy cafΓ© corner, a bustling office, or the comfort of your own home. It's the perfect blend of practicality and playfulness, adding a hint of whimsy to your tech essentials.

With the Liquipel Twizzler cable, charging your device becomes a delightful moment in your day, a reminder to savor the fun and colorful aspects of life, one charge at a time.

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