About Liquipel

Liquipel, under the visionary leadership of CEO Sam Winkler, stands as a testament to innovative protection in the consumer electronics industry.

Founded in South Orange County, California, on a cornerstone of technological breakthroughs, Liquipel first garnered international acclaim at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, with the introduction of its pioneering liquid-repellent coating. This revolutionary advancement marked the birth of the first truly waterproof smartphones, propelling Liquipel to the forefront of protective technology.

The brand’s commitment to innovation is reflected through its Liquid Glass and SafeGuard™ products, sold at a variety of retailers, which offer robust screen protectors, ensuring unparalleled safety for your electronic devices.

Expanding its horizon beyond protection, Liquipel introduced PowerTek™, a brand synonymous with the seamless fusion of function and fashion in the power category. PowerTek™ redefines the very essence of charger cables and electronic accessories, transforming them into high-quality, fashionable essentials. With over 10 million units sold, PowerTek™ has rapidly ascended to a leading position in retail spaces. Flourishing into one of the largest consumer electronics manufacturers and brands in the US, Liquipel's presence spans over 35,000 stores. This expansion is underpinned by a consumer-centric business model, intricately crafted by Sam Winkler and his team, which integrates customer feedback directly into the product development lifecycle, ensuring that every innovation not only protects but also complements the consumer's lifestyle.


  • Ranked among Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing American Private Companies, 2020 - Inc. Media
  • Featured on the 100 Brilliant Companies List, 2012 - Entrepreneur Magazine
  • Silver Edison Award for Enhanced Functionality in Material Science, 2012
  • Fierce 15 Award, 2012 - FierceWireless
  • "Gadget of the Year," 2012 - Popular Science

Did You Know?

Liquipel is the innovator behind your phone's waterproof technology, having introduced the first liquid-repellent coating that transformed ordinary smartphones into waterproof devices.

This innovation debuted at CES and earned Liquipel the Edison Award, "Gadget of the Year" from Popular Science, and a spot on Entrepreneur Magazine's "100 Brilliant Companies."