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Diamond Shine Wall Charger

Diamond Shine Wall Charger

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What are Lightning and USB-C?

Lightning cables are used for older iPhones (up to iPhone 14) and some iPads. They're special Apple cables with a tiny, flat connector.

But if you have a newer iPhone, like the iPhone 15 or newer models, or the latest iPads, you'll need a USB-C cable. USB-C cables have a small, oval-shaped connector and are used for lots of different devices, not just Apple ones.

So, if you're buying a cable, check your device first! If it's an older iPhone or certain iPads, go for Lightning. For iPhone 15 and newer or the latest iPads, pick USB-C.

For most non-Apple devices, pick USB-C.

Dual Port - USB-A & USB-C - Wall Block Charger

Embrace rapid power-up with the Liquipel Powertek dual port wall charger, equipped with a 20W USB-C port for power delivery. This nifty gadget can swiftly boost your iPhone, Galaxy, or Pixel up to 50% in a mere half-hour.

Designed with portability in mind, it features foldable prongs, ensuring it's travel-ready and space-efficient.

The charger boasts universal compatibility, making it a versatile power adapter for a variety of devices.

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