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Fairy Dust Cable (6 ft)

Fairy Dust Cable (6 ft)

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Fairy Dust Cable: Step into a Fairy Tale

Immerse yourself in a world of charm with the Liquipel Fairy Dust 6ft charger cable, a magical accessory that turns everyday charging into a fairy tale experience. This cable isn't just a utility; it's a journey into a dreamy, girly realm.

Adorned in three enchanting shades of pink - classic pink, elegant rose gold, and vibrant magenta - the Fairy Dust cable is a tribute to your love for all things feminine and fantastical. Its colors dance in the light, adding a sprinkle of fairy tale magic to your tech collection.

The generous 6-foot length provides the freedom to charge comfortably from anywhere, be it your cozy nook or a quaint café corner. Add a touch of magic to your day, one charge at a time.

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