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Neon Party Brick

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Neon Companion

Neon Companion brings color and exceptional efficiency to your daily charging needs. Crafted for the modern, tech-savvy user, this wall charger stands out with its bright-colored hues and impressive charging capabilities. Featuring dual ports for USB-A and USB-C, it is fully compatible with all Liquipel cables, offering a universal solution for your devices.

USB-A and USB-C Ports: Equipped with both USB-A and USB-C ports, making it a versatile addition to your tech collection.

Perfect Pairing with Liquipel Cables: Designed to work seamlessly with all Liquipel cables, it provides a reliable and efficient charging experience.

Accelerated Charging: Get your devices powered up in record time – this charger is engineered to charge your gadgets in as little as 30 minutes, significantly quicker than standard chargers.

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